Case Studies

Discover Your Potential Savings using the Revolution Series Health Plans

Don’t take our word for it, read the case studies for yourself. These companies are in industries just like yours; they are struggling with insurance costs and changing regulations, yet with BIC’s help they have received remarkable refunds. The value proposition that we fit to each company is described below and was arrived at by starting with a Group Risk Assessment. The overall benefit is a significant boost to their bottom line.

Here are a few actual companies that have realized amazing results with Revolution Health Plans.

Case Study 1:
Defense Company Nets More Than $150,000 Through Self-Funding

A Maryland based IT company working in the defense industry has been using Revolution Series health plans since 2013, and in that time the company has saved more than $218,000 in plan cost savings and an additional $67,835.14 in claims surplus refunds.

21 Enrolled employees
Effective December 1, 2013

The company saw a decrease in monthly payments of about $1,093 in its first year of Revolution Series plan coverage. The reduction in monthly costs continued, with about $3,292 in reductions in 2014, a $3,493 decrease in 2015, then about $3,565 in 2016 and 2017, and an additional $3,166 in 2018 as compared to the best competitors in the market.

The company also collected about $67,800 in claims surplus refunds, with $21,100 in 2014, an additional $17,160 in 2015, and another $29,564 in 2016 and is currently wrapping up the 2017 year and reflecting a significant balance in the 2018 claims fund.  

Case Study 2:
Firm Cuts Its Monthly Cost by Nearly $16,000

A technology firm in Arizona replaced its higher deductible health plan options with our Revolution Series and saved nearly $16,000 a month.

66 Enrolled employees
Effective October 1, 2018

Previous Plan: High Deductible health plan options with renewal rates of $48,163.97/month. With Revolution Series: 2 QHDHPs from (slight improvement in benefits) for $32,575.02/month... saving nearly $16,000 per month!

After consulting with us, we helped the company shift to the Revolution Series’ qualified high deductible health plan, which offered slightly better benefits to employees and their families. 

But more importantly to the firm, the monthly rates decreased to $32,575.02 per month.

And as the firm nears its first renewal under the new plan, it appears likely to get back another $63,960 in surplus claims payments.

Case Study 3:
Landscaping Firm Earns Nearly $60,000 in Refunds Over Two Years

A landscaping company in Delaware had to offer health benefits to its 200 employees to avoid having to pay penalties under the Affordable Care Act.

124 of over 200 employees enrolled
Effective January 1, 2015

In working with the company, we learned that obtaining participation from its employees might be challenging, so we recommended that the firm offer its employees four Revolution Series plans, ranging from a Minimum Essential Benefits package to our Patriot Series’ robust plan offerings.

Using this strategy, the company obtained enrollment of 124 of its employees. This participation level, made possible because we helped the firm tailor benefits to its employees’ needs and demands, prevented the ACA penalties from costing the company money.

In addition, in two of the four years the company offered these plans, it received claims surplus refunds of $26,835.32 and $33,780.56, respectively.

Even better, one refund came in a year that over $500,000 worth of medical claims were paid; But because the insurance carrier took over $350,000 of that burden, the company still saw a claims surplus and resulting refund.

Achieved enrollment required at lowest possible cost, complied with the ACA, received claims surplus refunds in 2 of 4 completed years and are still covered in the Revolution Series Health Plan after competing for every renewal in this 5th year of coverage.

Case Study 4:
Janitorial Company Cleans Up With New Health Plan

A janitorial company with high turnover and low wages needed to offer health benefits to comply with the Affordable Care Act requirements.

The company abandoned its prior coverage. It shifted to the Revolution Series plan, with multiple options designed to meet employees’ individual needs and demands.

The group saved money from their previous carrier by moving to Revolution with multiple options for employees. They also saved hundreds of thousands of potential penalties for not offering coverage

The company also obtained significant claims surplus refunds of $8,465 its first year, $20,528 its second year and $48,077 in its third year. Even with some downsizing, leading to a reduction in those covered from 90 to 50 over those three years, the company obtained increased claims refunds.

They also have received significant claims surplus refunds in each of 3 completed years:

Cleaning & Janitorial







Cleaning & Janitorial







Cleaning & Janitorial







Even amidst some downsizing, their claims refund increased over time (most recent year shown first):

Renewal Year:

Monthly Revolution:

Monthly Benchmark Plan:

Monthly Difference:

























Case Study 5:
Tech Company Saves Nearly $36,000

A tech company in Texas with 14 enrolled employees needed relief from its $12,953.56 monthly insurance payments.

We met with the company, conducted a Group Risk Assessment, and recommended our Patriot Series White Plan. This plan, our third richest, features minimum copays for everything. In the case of hospitalization, or the need for facilities and durable medical equipment, the covered person only pays a $500 deductible and receives 80% of coinsurance.

14 enrolled employees
Effective Jan 1, 2018

  • Previous Monthly Invoice (before renewal): $12,953.56
  • White Plan first invoice: $10,368.92
  • Annual Savings: $31,015.80 before their Refund of $4832.00
  • Rev Monthly Bill: $10,368.91
  • Monthly Savings: $2,584.65
  • Annualized: $155,442.72
  • Percentage Savings: 19.95%
  • Claims Surplus Refund: $4,832.00
  • Total Savings: $35,847.80
  • Overall Percentage Savings: 23.06%

In Summary:

  • Under this new, richer benefits plan, the company reduced its monthly invoice to $10,368.92.
  • Over its first year, the company saved $31,015.80 or nearly 20%.
  • Making matters even better, the company received an additional $4,832.00 from a surplus in its claims fund at the end of year.
  • The overall savings for the company in the first year was $35,847.80 or 23% -- all from changing to a richer health benefits plan.


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