Why BIC?


BIC tirelessly dedicates its talents to providing the greatest value possible in health care and related benefits for the broker and TPA communities, and their consumers.

BIC understands that achieving success in this mission requires a well-rounded understanding of all facets of the health care financing system, as well as knowledge of and respect for the interests and concerns of multiple stakeholders.

BIC supports these governments and municipalities, employers, consumers, professionals, and other stakeholders with education, marketing, and other resources in their quest to understand, navigate and improve the state of American business and its health care system.

BIC also offers education and other vital resources to accounting, human resources and legal professionals seeking to better understand these changes.


BIC has committed itself not just to the understanding of the many facets of business and the effect of local and national health care reform efforts, but more importantly, to the future.

BIC experts are forward-thinking while rooted in a proven track record of understanding business and the cause and effect of change.

This ability to both discern and educate people about consequences, intended and otherwise, makes BIC uniquely suited for preparing companies for future business opportunities and growth.

The team will provide bold advice based upon well-educated industry expertise that will prove invaluable in a changing market. Where others might be forced to wait and see, the BIC vision is always ahead of the curve.



Implementation of the broadest health care reform measures ever enacted requires a unique understanding of stakeholders on all sides. With varied disciplines, the four key consultants of BIC possess more than 100 years of experience in health care reform, benefits, entrepreneurship, and sales and marketing. Each has played numerous roles within the insurance industry and provided consulting and education. These combined talents form an excellent basis for problem-solving, product development, and strategic planning with which to prepare companies for the changing landscape on the national, state, and local level.

BIC’s expertise and connections also can introduce companies to unique opportunities and benefits that could further generate business stability and subsequent expansion.

Photo of Rodger A. Bayne

Rodger A. Bayne, RHU, CEO

Rodger A. Bayne oversees this enterprise built to support the marketing, sales, training, and education by and for the insurance community, as well as those businesses touched by insurance and health care reform issues.

Bayne is a motivated business professional with a successful 32-year track record of entrepreneurship and 26 years of insurance agency development and management, leading to nearly $1 billion in sales.

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Photo of Dawn Morgan

Dawn Morgan, RHU, Vice President

Dawn Morgan, vice president at Benefit Indemnity Corporation, provides self-funding education and consultation, including integrated wellness programs. She has worked in the insurance industry for more than two decades, specializing in group health coverage, especially employer-sponsored self-funded plans.

Morgan has been a certified insurance continuing education speaker since 1995 in the Mid-Atlantic region. The topics she has provided continuing education on include Managed Care, COBRA/HIPAA, Self-Funding, MD SGR, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements and others.

She earned her Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) designation in 2004.

Morgan is dedicated to educating consumers, employers, and insurance agents on the best methods for financing healthcare within the current system and beyond.

Photo of Dan Single

Dan Single, Senior Sales Consultant

Dan Single is a senior consultant at BIC, where he works closely with agents and brokers, as well as the businesses they serve. Single is an expert in delivering the best options for their success in a post-PPACA world, using self-funded benefit strategies, a vast array of resources and cutting-edge technology.

Single has one goal: Helping insurance brokers share with their clients an innovative employee benefits program that will attract talent, provide employees with flexible and affordable coverage options, and save employers money.

He brings more than 18 years of business experience to his job, including five years as a broker representative and three years as sales support team leader for the former Client First Brokerage Services. 

Photo of Debbie Morgan

Debbie Morgan, Sales Consultant

Debbie Morgan is a Sales Consultant for Benefit Indemnity Corporation and holds a great depth of understanding with many years of experience with self-funding.

Before leaving to pursue a career in Radiation Therapy, Debbie worked for Client First Brokerage for 12 years, where she started running proposals. She then moved to process new business, became the inside sales support representative for a Sales Manager, and finally became the Sales Manager of the Western MD and Montgomery County broker market.

Her medical background adds additional insight to helping brokers and their clients with their health plan choices. Her diverse background, excellent reasoning, and problem- solving skills are great assets to operations here at Benefit Indemnity and to the brokers that she serves.

Photo of Daniela Sartori

Daniela Sartori, Sales Coordinator

Daniela Sartori is sales coordinator at BIC, where she is a key front-line contact with brokers seeking to explore and identify appropriate self-funded coverage options, enroll groups and support their clients’ employee benefits plans. She works tirelessly to help brokers and the employee groups they serve to obtain the best employee benefits programs available. She provides valuable support and expertise to make the design and enrollment processes as easy as possible for everyone involved.

She has 20 years of experience in insurance, including work as office and account manager at an insurance brokers, and four years as account manager and renewal specialist for the former Client First Brokerage Services.

Photo of Dana Thomas

Dana Thomas, Marketing Director

Dana Thomas is the Marketing Director at BIC, where she takes part in creating marketing strategies and implements company initiatives through various email, marketing and branding campaigns - including print and digital advertising.

She has 18 years of experience in insurance marketing, including Design Specialist at Group Benefit Services and four years as Advertising and Marketing Assistant for the former Client First Brokerage Services.

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