Benefit Indemnity Corporation is a far-reaching enterprise designed to help various stakeholders in and touched by the insurance industry to access the knowledge, skills and strategies to help them succeed amidst the changing world of insurance and health care reform.

Rodger A. Bayne and his hand-picked team of experts offer a wide range of expertise – from reform, captives, health insurance and self-funding options, to wellness, and to sales and marketing. They provide unique and valuable perspectives to the people they serve.

BIC is a US Captive domiciled in the United States Virgin Islands with local business operations based in Towson, Maryland.

BIC was formed to participate in select reinsurance risks for the advancement of the self-funded and benefits industry.

BIC’s efforts extend from participation in risk management to extensive training and consulting in the areas of health care reform (specifically, the history, impact and implementation of PPACA), product development, health and wellness programs, sales and marketing, and strategic planning.