A Self-Funded Exchange with Many Affordable Options

How Self-Funding Works.

Self-funded health benefit plans give employers and employees added protection against spiraling health insurance costs. Learn more in Self-Funding 101.

Employers can employ great flexibility to meet employer and employee needs when creating their health benefit plans with self-funded insurance. Learn more about Flexibility in Self-Funded Plans.

The Revolution Series, powered by Benefit Indemnity Corporation, is the result of four decades of self-funded plan design and development. Learn more about the Unparalleled Creativity in Revolution Health Plans.

The Value of Self-Funded Plans & BIC's SFE Marketplace.

With BIC’s Self-Funded Exchange Marketplace, we support the employer’s ability to sponsor their own benefit plan through a self-funded plan, with all the protections in stop-loss and administrative support that an employer needs. Through comprehensive analysis, expertise, and planning, we first provide a solid recommendation regarding the choice between fully-insured plans and self-funded plans. Once we know whether self-funding is the best option for you, we can engage in some simple strategic planning to be sure your benefits meet your budget needs, and are those your employees need.

Don’t let a lack of information leave you wondering if a better deal is out there. With the Self-Funded Exchange, we’ll gather the required information, perform analysis, and make a recommendation that you can count on!

Read More on the Value of Self-Funded Plans and how BIC's Self-Funded Exchange Marketplace can help provide an easier enrollment TODAY!

Group Risk Analysis.

Many Groups Deserve “Preferred Rates” But Never Ask How to Find Out if They Qualify! Let us show you how!

Upon completion of initial enrollment from the employees, we review all data and provide a Group Risk Analysis that delivers valuable and actionable information that may be able to save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of health insurance premium!  Learn more about our Group Risk Analysis and get started TODAY!

Remember: One Automated Enrollment Process Reaches Multiple Carriers Nationally, so there's no need for multiple rounds of paper apps!

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