The Patriot Series

The PATRIOT Series

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    Independence  (eff. 11/1/17*)

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    *Contact BIC for Plan Sheets effective prior to November 2017

 Revolution Health Plans: Patriot HRA EZ Plan Series

The Patriot HRA EZ Series provides traditional PPO plans designed with specific advantages for employers starting, or with an established Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA). An HRA is a plan whereby an employer as plan sponsor purchases a health benefit plan for employees, and provides an additional reimbursement for portions not covered by the health plan design. Most often this is a simple reimbursement of some portion of the health plan deductible.

Our HRA EZ Series is specifically designed to make this easy, efficient and inexpensive while providing improved benefits. We accomplish this by providing the bulk of basic primary health care and prescriptions subject only to copays rather than applying to the deductible. Then only the more expensive and less frequent procedures apply to one single deductible regardless of your coverage level (individual or with dependent coverage). This single deductible makes it simpler to understand and communicate benefits. In addition, this evens out the employer contribution to a single level for each employee.

These elements provide for a much lower cost, greater efficiency and employee satisfaction, without bank cards - in exchange for only a slightly higher plan cost. Combine this advantage with the automation of reimbursement processing with no additional HRA administration fee, and you have a win-win-win offer, that in total may cost even less.