With over 25 years of experience in small group self-funded benefit design, we at Benefit Indemnity Corporation (BIC) know how to design, build, enroll, underwrite and install small group self-funded benefits. BIC offers a wide range of innovative health benefit plans that can meet the needs of almost any size group. From small group, packaged, self-funded plans, to large group, fully customized designs, BIC can support broker and employer needs for innovative benefits and state of the art risk management.  Check out these health benefit plan options:


The Patriot Series


Our Patriot Series Plans have options ranging from the richest of benefits to the more modest. Each plan provides a vast array of benefits covered with only a simple copay for the provider. No deductible applies to these encounters, making health care easy to access without breaking the bank.


The Liberty Series


The Liberty Series is designed to provide more cost effective benefit designs with the most used benefits covered at copays without deductibles or coinsurance. This delivers quality care from telemedicine, to office visits to prescription drugs at copays without having to spend thousands before getting valuable benefits from your health plan.


The Freedom Series


Our Freedom Series PPO Plans are {cbt-quote}Qualified High Deductible Health Plans{cbt-quote} (qHDHP) enabling the use of health savings accounts. We offer three options, from the lower of high deductible plans to plans with deductibles much higher. No deductible or copays apply to preventive care under the program as defined in PPACA.


The Fortress Series

(Minimum Value - MV)

The Fortress Plans have been developed in direct response to the requirements and demands of Health Care Reform. Many employers find themselves in a position like never before with stringent requirements and steep penalties for failure to offer certain levels of Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) to their employees on an Affordable and Valuable (MV) basis.


  • Benefit Plan Sheets

    A Full List of Benefit Sheets including, our 2017 plans, ALL NEW Liberty Plans, and updated plans effective January 1, 2018!

  • Forms & Documents

    A list of downloadable forms, including General Information, Employer Forms, and Employee Forms.


    Most Revolution Health Plans* includes a Teladoc membership for FREE! Members have 24/7/365 access to quality medical care via Phone, Computer or Mobile App.  *Please Note: In most cases, Teladoc Memberships do NOT apply to MEC Plans. Check with your broker or employer for additional details.*

As the Plan Sponsor, you keep the profits from good health plan experience and are protected against excessive costs in years of high claims. After all, why would you want an insurance company to keep all the profits in the good years, when you know they will still charge you more for the bad years?

It’s time to take control of your healthcare plan.

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